114 Squadron Copyright Policy

We have found it necessary to place here our copyright policy & information in regards to 114 Squadron. This includes our website or scripts, our database, our downloads, images, text and any documentation produced under the 114 Squadron copyright.

Our Policy is fully compliant with items set out within the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and all legislation there after.

Is material on the internet protected by copyright?

Yes. Under UK law copyright material sent over the Internet or stored on web servers will generally be protected in the same way as material in other media. So anyone wishing to put copyright material on the Internet, or further distribute or download such material that others have placed on the Internet, should ensure that they have the permission of the owners of rights in the material.

Cadets & Guests are permitted to do the following:

  • Search and view the content of the 114 Squadron website and interact with systems where authorized to do so based upon member level.

  • Assemble and distribute links that point to the 114 Squadron website.

  • Print individual articles from the 114 Squadron website for the individual use.

  • Make a reasonable number of photocopies of a printed article for the individual use.
  • Download files from the rescources section and store where permission has been given within such files.

Guests are not permitted to do the following:

  • Create a searchable archive of any portion of the 114 Squadron website.

  • Use robots or intelligent agents to access, search and/or systematically download any portion of the 114 Squadron website for use elsewhere.

  • Sell, re-sell, rent, lease, license, sublicense, assign or otherwise transfer the use of the 114 Squadron website or its content.

  • Use or copy the 114 Squadron documentation in order to operate, fee-for-service use, or bulk reproduction or distribution of materials in any form, or any substantially similar commercial purpose or for use elsewhere on the internet.

  • Alter, modify or adapt any portion of the 114 Squadron website or documentation supplied via the resource page or elsewhere within the 114 Squadron website.

  • Make any edits or derivative works with respect to any portion of the 114 Squadron website including any text or graphics, logo.

  • Use images, text or documents linked from the 114 Squadron website on other websites and publications.
  • Delete or remove in any form or format, including on a printed article or photocopy, any copyright information or notice contained within electronically stored item.

  • Combine any portion of the 114 Squadron website or documentation with any none authorized item or site.

  • Documents may not be altered in any way or uploaded to any public file distribution sites.

Affiliation Policy:

  • Affiliation are considered on an individual basis any note or statement of affiliation with 114 Squadron without the express written permission of the CO is strictly forbidden.

Contacting Us:

If there are any questions regarding this copyright policy you may contact us using the information below.

admin[at]114squadronatc.org.uk (replace [at] with @)

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