Name: Brett Aherne      
Rank: Sergeant (RAF)      
Position: Service Helper      
Cadet service from: 1993 to 1997    
Adult  service from: 1998 to Present      

I joined the Royal Air Force on 21st April 1998 as an Aerospace Systems Operator (ASOp). After my trade training at the RAF School of Fighter Control, at RAF Boulmer in Northumberland, I was posted to RAF Buchan in Aberdeenshire where I was responsible for maintaining the security of the UK airspace by monitoring the airspace using the Air Defence Radar System. As an ASOp, I had tours of duty in the Falkland Islands, Cyprus, France, Spain and the USA amongst many other places.

In 2002 I re-mustered to the Air Cartography trade based at RAF Northolt, where I have remained since then. As an Air cartographer, I am responsible for the production of all the RAFs maps and charts, both hard copies (paper) and digitally (cockpit moving map displays and Flight management systems for aircraft auto-pilot.) In 2004 I was deployed to Iraq. My role in Basrah was in force protection where I was required to protect as part of a team a daily convoy of fuel tankers to Kuwait by conducted top cover from a snatch land rover. Whilst I was on that tour, we were regulary mortered and rocket attacked which was interesting to say the least. Upon return I was awarded the Op Telic Operational Service Medal. In 2006 I had a 4 month detachment to USAF Al-Udeid in Qatar.

In 2012 I was deployed to Afghanistan as a Detainee handle and awarded the Afghanistan Campaign Medal with clasp. Currently I am an Instructor for the RAF trade of Air Cartography based at RAF Northolt.
My Role at 114 Squadron:      
My future hopes for 114 Squadron:      


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